Following are the objectives of the organisation:

  1. to undertake and assist in the organisation of training and study-courses, conferences, seminars and lectures, incorporating latest methodologies of training and instruction including distance learning methodologies;
  2.  to undertake, aid, promote and coordinate training and research through its own or other agencies including non-governmental organisations, UN Agencies, universities and other academic institutions and training centres including those established by or with the aid of the Government of India or any State Government including Government of Bihar;
  3. to establish schools/centres for (i) Study and Orientations, (ii) Training and Instruction, and (iii) Research and Evaluation, and undertake such others activities as may be necessary to achieve the objectives of BIPARD;
  4. to analyse specific problems encountered in the planning and implementation of community development, panchayatiraj and other rural development programmes, disaster management, urban development, land, water management and sanitation etc., especially those designed to promote the interests of vulnerable sections including women and children and propose solutions thereto;
  5. to follow up in a manner to be mutually agreed upon, the training programmes organised by the Training Centres referred to in (b) above and to advise the Central Government and State Government and, subject to mutual agreement, any other Ministries or authorities on their training programmes;
  6. to prepare, print and publish research papers, periodicals and books in furtherance of the objectives of the Society;
  7. to establish and maintain Libraries and information services, and information clearing house in all matters relating to areas mentioned in (d) above.
  8. to collaborate with other Institutions including UN Agencies, Associations and Societies in India and in the State of Bihar, in particular and abroad interested in similar objectives;
  9. to offer Fellowships, Scholarships, Prize and Stipends in furtherance of the objectives of BIPARD
  10. to promote application of science and technology in the development of rural areas through training and research. BIPARD is an apex Institute of Training and Research in the field of Public Administration, Rural Development, Disaster Management, Panchayati Raj, Non-Government Organisation, Urban Development, Land, Water Management and Sanitation etc. It has been developed as a centre of excellence to provide the necessary support to the National and State governments and other agencies concerned in these fields in the areas of policy formulation, programme initiatives, implementation strategies, training, research evaluation, documentation and dissemination of information.