The Bihar Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development is one of the most important regulatory departments of the State Government. Subsequent to the formation of Jharkhand State, the Administrative Training Institute (ATI) and the State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) by virtue of their location at Ranchi vested with the State of Jharkhand.


The Officers and the staff of the State of Bihar need to be trained in public administration, good governance etc and for that the Government through its notification no. 68 dated 28th March 2002 established the Administrative Training Institute (ATI) at Water and Land Management Institute (WALMI), Phulwarisharif, Patna.


The State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) was similarly created by the Govt. of Bihar through notification no. 7036 dated 15/09/2005 and was located at WALMI, Phulwarisharif, Patna along with the ATI. The Director General of ATI was designated the Director General of SIRD as well.


The two institutions has been merged and is now known as BIPARD which has now been registered under the Societies Act, 1860 with effect from 1st April, 2006. BIPARD conducts training for Indian Administrative Services (probationers), probationers of Bihar Administrative Services and probationers of other allied services who undergo a basic training course at the Institute. As a part of the training process, many important subjects are covered like Departmental proceedings, Pensions and other benefits, Drawing & Disbursing Officers role, Right to Information etc. Apart from induction courses short courses are also conducted covering important functions and areas like communication skill, working in team, personal development etc. The Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms , Govt. of India has approved the DTS, DOT, TOT etc and identified BIPARD as an institution to conduct these prestigious courses.


BIPARD is committed to training Government as well as no.-Government functionaries in the field of development management. Recently, BIPARD has entered into an agreement and signed MOUs and MOAs with UNICEF and is in process of signing such agreements with established international donor agencies and NGOs. Recently, in collaboration with UNICEF, BIPARD successfully held an international workshop on "Advisory services for Environmental Management". Emerging areas of Government functioning and Governance such as e-Governance, Human Rights, Gender Issues, Social Enterprise Management, NGO Development forums are also being developed within the Institute to sensitize and propagate better practices within the State of Bihar.


Lastly, the Panchayati Raj Institute and the training of the recently elected representatives of the Panchayats is being taken up by BIPARD on behalf of the Government which will entail training 1600 Master Trainers, who subsequently will train at the Block level to 2.65 lakhs Panchayat Representatives.


The use of technology and better assistance in training bringing about the latest in good governance is at the best of all efforts being made within BIPARD.